Listen in to our Intuitive Angels Podcast to learn about Spirituality, Metaphysics, The Paranormal, Angels, Spirit Guides, Reiki, Shamanism, and so much MORE!

Join Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia, as she leads you through each episode with fascinating insight and connection.  We invite you to be with us during our lessons, mediation, lectures and FREE online psychic readings.


Danielle began her spiritual path at the young age of three when she began to see spirits at the foot of her bed. She spent much of her childhood in fear and ridiculed for what she saw and unfortunately was the subject of many paranormal attacks.  Growing up in a home with a history of murder is not a great place for a child with natural mediumship abilities. It wasn't until later in life that she completely embraced her gifts and mission to help other people, including children, understand their own abilities.  

Working in the Metaphysical field for over 25 years, Danielle is a licensed Psychic/Medium living in Las Vegas, NV.    She has her own office where she sees private clients as well as teaches students about psychic connection, mediumship, healing modalities, shamanism and Reiki (just to name a few).  

Danielle's vast training includes: Reiki Master, Native American Shamanism, Huna, Psychic Reading, Mediumship, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Paranormal Consultant, Spiritual Counseling, Dimensional Connection, NLP, Deathing, Card Reading and more!

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