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Are you ready?

How many planets are in retrograde this week? What can you expect? What can you do to manage the vibes and bring more light in?

Listen in as Danielle Garcia gives you her intuitive read on the energies of this week.





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Are you ready to lighten up?  Have some heavy vibes you're hanging onto that you want to release? 

Check out the Chakra Meditation by Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia.  This meditation is quick, easy, relaxing and helps you to let go of lower energies and clear you're field.

Follow along in a quiet atmosphere.  You will be toning, so keep that in mind.  


For more about Danielle, check out her website at

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Are you ready for the new vibes of this week?  Have you been overly emotional?  Want to know what you can expect?  


Listen in as Psychic/Medium, Danielle Garcia, shares insight on the energies coming in the week.  Get ready for the theme of the week, galactic energies and a quick card pull to see what we can expect in these ever changing time.

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