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Intuitive Angels – Release & Reflect: Healing the Inner Spirit

Have you been on an emotional roller coaster lately?  Feeling isolated?  Thinking no one “gets” you and you’re all alone?  Well, guess what?  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Lots of changing energies have been present lately.  In this show, Spiritual Counselor and Intuitive, Danielle Garcia, speaks of the shifts we’ve all been experiencing.  She offers an enlightened outlook on why these transitional vibrations are present and offers you some tools to assist you gain your bearings through the process.

Danielle also channels through an amazing meditation that will help you connect with your own light and ground it into your physical power center.  You will then connect to issues you are ready to release, see how others view your light and also connect with a guide for a personal message.


For more information about Danielle, please visit:


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Intuitive Angels - Grieving During the Holidays

              Grieiving During the Holidays

Losing somone you love is NEVER EASY and the holiday season can be an especially difficult time.  The holidays are supposed to be about celebrating and being with the ones you love and hold dear in your life.  What do you do if your loved one isn't here to share those times with you?

Join Intuitive, Medium and Spiritual Counselor, Danielle Garcia, as she dives into this very candid discussion of grief.  She shares her own personal experiences of coping with loss as well as sheds light as to what our loved ones experience on the other side.

Holiday "Remembrance Rituals" are discussed.  These are ways to keep our loved ones memories and connect with them during the holiday season, even though they are not physically present. Other tools to assist the process of grief are identified and shared.

Danielle also walks you through a short meditative exercise to connect you with the energy of your loved one.

Tune in for this very special and information episode of Intuitive Angels Radio. 

To learn more about Danielle, visit her at:

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